Ergon is a world parellel to earth. The geography and biology is the same, but the history and culture is different. Instead of the familiar languages on earth, Ergon is a world where conlangs flourish as the languges of the people. 

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Map of Ergon

Country Capital Language  Colour
Goehkland Enstarben Dotche Blue
Gelogland Gëlburg Gelog Yellow
Hyrual Kingdom Hyrual City Hyrualian Red
Planeptune Planeptune Purple
Lastation Lastation Dark Gray
Lowee Lowee Loweeish Light Gray
Leanbox Leanbox Green
Gamindustri Graveyard None White
Supaenia Nuosoh Supaenian Pink
Continetnts of Earth Ergons Parallel Continents
North America North Daekro
South America South Daekro
Europe Ninhuden
Asia Gamindustri
Australia Austrith
Africa Driruth
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