North Daekro is a continent parelell to North America. The timezones, geography and biology are the same as that of North America, but rather than the languages in North America, conlangs flourish as the languages of the people. Below are the countries of North Daekro:


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Flag of Goehkland

Official Name Goehkland
Provinces Eight (Drÿnte, Lamdarj, Jrieslemb, Grodingen, Gälderlemb, Ötrÿcht, Drödant, Zealemb)
Capital Enstarben
Official Language Dotche
National Anthem Song of the Utherlands
Seat of Gov't The Höque
Area 9,984,670 sq. km
Population 35.1 Million
Currency The Jöldeer
Form of Gov't Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State King/Queen
Head of Gov't Prime Minister
Voting Age 21
Allies Gelogland, Hyeral Kingdom


Official Name Gëlögland
Capital Gëlburg
Official Language Gëlog
Area 7,690,000 km2
Population 270 Million
Population Density 35.52 per km2
Form of Govenment Fascist Dictatorship
Allies Goehkland, Hyeral



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